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Study finds faculty members more likely to respond to inquiries from prospective graduate students who are white males. Business faculty appear to favor white men most, humanities and arts professors the least. 
Pitzer's decision to divest some -- but not yet all -- of its fossil fuel holdings challenges assumptions about colleges' obligation to grow their endowment funds.
Do Americans have a more nuanced view of higher ed reform than the politicians they elect? Perhaps, says a new survey.
A new study, based on interviews with 35 female college leaders, shows how women are discouraged but can encourage other women.
Princess asks whether the university is too focused on attracting international students.


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All faculty members, not just those in writing programs, have a responsibility, writes Ellen Goldberger.

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Sarah Demers tried (and failed) to teach a new card game to her family. She's the one who ended up learning something -- about when lectures aren't the right approach.


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Mama PhD

April 24, 2014
Staying in touch with a friend from grad school.

Law, Policy -- and IT?

April 24, 2014
What does the F.C.C.'s shift on net neutrality mean for higher education?

Library Babel Fish

April 23, 2014
How big business broke the Internet.


April 23, 2014
Or on getting awful advice 

Technology and Learning

April 23, 2014
Why I must be causing the spinning wheel of death.

University of Venus

April 23, 2014
Bringing activism and higher education together.

Just Visiting

April 23, 2014
Without legislative meddling, I would've missed something special.

Getting to Green

April 23, 2014
Sometimes the truth is just too simple.

Higher Ed Beta

April 22, 2014
New instructional support models.


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